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Hummingbird Helicopters

The world’s first certified helicopter offered in kit form!.

Introducing The

Hummingbird four-passenger Helicopter Kits

The Hummingbird; a helicopter born from the redevelopment of the proven Sikorsky S-52 Helicopters Series,   developed and manufactured in the USA by Vertical Aviation Tech. (VAT), since it’s debut in 1987. 

The world’s first four-passenger FAA certified helicopter sold in kit form.

Over the years VAT has further designed & developed the Hummingbird,  in 2001 released the  popular Hummingbird model 260L kit (several of which now flying in Australia).

In 2018  VAT developed the current model 300L  to meet some of the latest FAA regulatory requirements and released it in 2019 as the Hummingbird-300L kit; and as such, it makes this an affordable real utility helicopter. (All-new 300L  now also flying in Australia)

The Hummingbird includes a host of operational and safety features found only in helicopters costing millions!

The Hummingbird is the world’s best value utility helicopter in its class.

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All-New 2023 Hummingbird 300L Kits are now available for immediate delivery!.

Hummingbird 300L;  Standard Wheeled Landing Gear


Hummingbird 260Lwith Optional Skid Landing Gear

Hummingbird Model 260L images