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Hummingbird Helicopters

The world’s first certified helicopter offered in kit form!.

Introducing The

Hummingbird four-passenger Helicopter Kits

The Hummingbird; a helicopter born from the redevelopment of the proven Sikorsky S-52 Helicopters Series,   developed and manufactured in the USA by Vertical Aviation Tech. (VAT), since it’s debut in 1987. 

The world’s first four-passenger FAA certified helicopter sold in kit form.

Over the years VAT has further designed & developed the Hummingbird,  in 2001 released the  popular Hummingbird model 260L kit (several of which completed & flying in Australia).

In 2018  VAT developed the current model 300L  to meet some of the latest FAA regulatory requirements and released it in 2019 as the Hummingbird-300L kit; and as such, the kit form makes this an affordable real utility helicopter.

The Hummingbird includes a host of operational and safety features found only in helicopters costing millions!

The Hummingbird is the world’s best value utility helicopter in its class.

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New Hummingbird 300L Kits are now available for immediate delivery!.

Hummingbird 260L;  Standard Wheeled Landing Gear

Hummingbird 260LOptional Skid Landing Gear

Hummingbird Model 260L images