Terms & Conditions


Terms & Conditions

All Orders to Australia,  are supplied and supported by Vertical Aviation Technologies (VAT),  facilitated and supported by Helicopter Connections ex-Sanford, Florida or Melbourne VIC.
All goods remain the property of VAT/Helicopter Connections until paid for in full.

Although every effort has been made to ensure that the information on this site is
correct we cannot guarantee there are no inaccuracies. We will endeavour to correct
anything brought to our attention.

Occasionally where an illustration of the model is not available we have used an
indicative photograph of the  helicopter etc. We hope you enjoy what you see and
find the contents of our web site useful.   GST will be added to all orders that are to be delivered in Australia. 
Although we retain a very comprehensive stock we can not guarantee that every item
shown and listed is always ex stock due to varying demand and supply. Out of stock
goods will be back ordered and sent as soon as possible.

Cancelling orders after dispatch is not allowed.
No Refund or Exchange is allowed.  VAT will retain the  50% deposit paid if Cancelling orders prior to dispatch. 

When you elect to build your kit  our engineers are available to offer you advice* however we take no liability and you agree do the work on your own risk and accord, we undertake no physical work.