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Builder Assist Program

When you elect to build your kit Hummingbird you will not be alone, Here in Australia we are  available to offer you support & advice along the way. 

Our Builder assist program will  help you construct your Hummingbird in the best ways that suits you*.

If you are up for it so are we … give us a call.

                                                 *Conditions apply

Helicopters and Aircraft Services



Helicopter Track & Balance

Frustrated with the track and balance process of your helicopter?

Track – balance – or both: for helicopters  main rotors.

State of the art digital  set-up; precise vibration and track readings.

  • Blade track and ship vibration while in a hover or forward flight.
  • Balance main rotors, tail rotors, and other rotating components.
  • Optical blades tracking on the ground, in a hover, and in flight.                       






Aeroplane Dynamic Balance

Prop out-of-balance is the leading cause of fatigue cracks & vibration damages!

State of the art digital Dynamic Propeller Balance & Vibration Diagnostics

  • Propeller-engine Vibration Measurement & Balance
  • Dynamic Balance in less time and fewer runs.
  • Analysis: Identify vibration sources, i.e. propeller imbalance, engine misfires, prop wash or out-of-balance accessories.